BREEF Awards Deep Creek Middle School its 7th Consecutive Eco-Schools Green Flag

Deep Creek Middle School (DCMS) in Deep Creek, South Eleuthera, earned its seventh consecutive Eco-Schools Green Flag Award on Tuesday, the 7th of May 2024. The Green Flag Award is the highest award level a school can achieve and is awarded every two years to schools committed to excellence in environmental education and practice. During the recertification process, DCMS Eco-Committee students led the Green Flag assessment team on a tour of the DCMS campus and discussed their sustainability actions and environmental stewardship.

 DCMS Green Award Renewal Ceremony

Eco-Schools Bahamas is part of an international award programme developed in 1994 by the Foundation for Environmental Education. Eco-Schools is based on the work of student-led teams and recognizes schools for their achievements in Education for Sustainable Development and continuously improving the sustainability performance of the school and the wider community. Eco-Schools engage the creativity of young people to find solutions for local environmental problems and sustainable development challenges in our communities.

 Members of DCMS Eco-Committee being interviewed by Eco Schools National Coordinator Kevin Glinton

“I’ve been eager to participate in Eco-Schools since I was six, I think we are doing a great thing because we are helping to protect wildlife and our native species,” said 7th grader and Eco-club member Gino Guina.
“We want a positive change in our community, we want to see less litter, although we didn’t get everyone onboard, I’m happy that more people are aware of what the change can look like,” said Bria Allen, 8th grade DCMS student and Eco-club member.
“I started to care more when I realised that so many people were unaware of how harmful plastics can be to our environment, and I am determined to make a change.” said Aallieah Rolle, 8th grade DCMS student and Eco-club member.
“We always come together to plan the projects, for this one, we have been making signs around the school and around town to encourage people to pick up their trash and not to litter,” said 7th grader and Eco-club member Bradley Young.

One Eleuthera Foundation President & CEO Keyron Smith, assisted with the evaluation process. He said, “It’s wonderful to witness Deep Creek Middle School (DCMS) achieving their 7th green flag recertification with the eco-schools programme. The dedication and zeal of the students advocating for sustainability and environmental conservation, and implementing these practices within the school, is truly exceptional.”

DCMS Eco-School Committee Members, Aallieah Rolle (L) and Bria Allen (R)

Speaking about the special event, former DCMS parent and Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation’s (BREEF) Executive Director. Casuarina McKinney-Lambert said, “DCMS students are a model for the country and the world, and they should be very proud of their achievements.”

DCMS 8th grade student, Lorenzo Larrimore gives tour of school garden

According to DCMS’ principal and Eco-Schools Coordinator Chelle Marshall, “This year, we challenged ourselves to expand our Eco School Action Plan to our wider community, initially by conducting stakeholder discussions within the community last fall and then engaging with Island School and the Centre for Training and Innovation resources in the spring. We look forward to moving forward with informed initiatives for the remainder of this year and continuing next year.”

BREEF’s Education Coordinator and National Operator for the Eco-Schools Bahamas Programme, Kevin Glinton stated, “On the 7th of November 2011, Deep Creek Middle School (DCMS) had the singular distinction of becoming the first school in the English-speaking Caribbean to receive the prestigious Green Flag, the top award of the Eco-Schools Programme Under their original school Eco-code, “DCMS can be green if we work as a TEAM,” DCMS continues to be a pacesetter in BREEF’s Eco-Schools Bahamas network.”

Eco-Schools is implemented in 73 countries by FEE member organisations and in 26 countries through International Schools. BREEF runs Eco-Schools in The Bahamas. Schools interested in joining the Eco-Schools Bahamas programme can contact BREEF at 327-9000 or email:

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