BREEF Shares Online Learning Resources to Support Students

While schools are closed and we are all embarking on social distancing, BREEF would like to help students, teachers and parents continue to learn from home. Our team has put together a selection of resources that can keep kids engaged and learning about the waters around us.

One of the tools we would like to highlight is our Virtual Coral Reef Field Trip (VCRFT). With funding from the Atlantis Blue Project Foundation, the Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation (BREEF) created the Virtual Coral Reef Field Trip Toolkit for educators. The toolkit includes a 25-min educational film titled “Life on the Bahamian Coral Reef” and a guide with interactive extras and student worksheets.


The VCRFT Toolkit was developed by BREEF as a result of direct requests from teachers for an educational resource that would assist them with overcoming the challenges they face in taking students out to observe a real coral reef. 

It exposes students to the wonders of Bahamian coral reefs without them ever leaving their classrooms or homes. It also lays the groundwork for further field studies on coral reefs and other ecosystems.

Through the use of the tools provided in this kit, students develop their scientific processing skills and gain an appreciation for the need for conservation of coral reefs both locally and globally. It provides an enriching and engaging experience for students learning about coral reef ecosystems.

Coral reefs play an important role in our tourism and fishing industries, providing food, recreation and shoreline protection for us all.

Take a Virtual Coral Reef Field Trip Today!


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    Lakeisha Rolle says

    Do you have any virtual field trip for grade 3 on rocky shores

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