Bahamian youth on Eleuthera in The Bahamas speaking up about Oil Exploration and Climate Change. Young Reporter for the Environment student, Taryn, calls for action by writing a letter to voice her concerns directly to the Prime Minister of The Bahamas, urging him to stop unsustainable practices like oil drilling.

“People should care about climate change because it determines whether or not we will be able to survive.” Taryn McKinney-Lambert, age 10

Our nation relies on the ocean for its survival. Our Islands, Our Future exists to unite Bahamians who are passionate about protecting their heritage, their livelihood and their homes.

Join BREEF and stop oil drilling in The Bahamas. Please visit Our Islands, Our Future to learn how you can help.

Film by Taryn McKinney-Lambert and Keion Sands.

Producer: Kareem Mortimer.

Director of Photography: Neville Smith.

Editor: Tony Williams.