Giving Thanks Giveaway

🍂Giving Thanks Giveaway 🐠
Tell us why you are thankful for coral reefs by submitting a poem, artwork or photo and enter to win a FREE copy of our newly released “Bahamas Underwater” book. Submit your entry to Giveaway ends November 30, 2021.
To purchase your “Bahamas Underwater” book today visit;
Photo credit: Shane Gross, awarding-winning photographer and author of “Bahamas Underwater.”
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World Cleanup Day

Join BREEF in celebrating World Cleanup Day by conducting your very own Beach Cleanup event. Download BREEF’s Beach Cleanup Guide.

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Virtual Field Studies- Book your presentation!

Visit Virtual Presentations – BREEF to learn more and choose your presentation.

Contact to schedule your class today!

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BREEF Online Auction

BREEF is happy to announce 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, our first ever online auction! Through this fundraising initiative, we aim to raise funding enabling us to continue our ongoing education and research programmes. Funds raised through the online auction help to support present and future generations of students, families, scientists, educators and guardians helping to preserve our precious oceans and coastlines.

We encourage you to bid on these generously donated item and invite you to share BREEF’s love for the beautiful Bahamian oceans by buying a ‘virtual ticket’ and holding your own special COVID-safe dinner (following locally relevant COVID restrictions). The ticket donations replace funds we would normally raise through attendance tickets at our BREEF Ball and instead go directly to support our ‘Adopt a Coral’ initiative, growing and nurturing our two coral nurseries at the Coral Reef Sculpture Garden and on the Andros Great Barrier Reef. The virtual tickets are available to purchase now on our ‘Virtual Ticket’ page.

The online auction goes live on World Oceans Day (Tuesday, June 8th 2021) and closes on Wednesday June 30th 9:00pm EDT. We extend heartfelt thanks to our many partners and donors for generously providing the items and experiences being auctioned.


For information about the auction items and delivery (if relevant) please contact

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Spiny Lobster (Crawfish) Closed Season

It is Spiny Lobster Closed Season once again! This means that during the period of April 1st through July 31st it is an offence for persons to take, capture, have in possession, kill, or offer any fresh or live crawfish for sale.

The Caribbean Spiny Lobster, commonly known to Bahamians as crawfish, is the largest fishery, and an important contributor to the economy. It provides income to many fishers, seafood vendors, processors, and exporters. It is also a popular delicacy for Bahamians and visitors alike, so we must protect this species’ population.

The closed season for the spiny lobster corresponds with peak breeding times for crawfish species. Harvesting crawfish during this time reduces the reproductive capacity of the species. To uphold Spiny lobster populations, we ask you to join BREEF and support the closed season by choosing a different dish!

For more information on fisheries regulations download the Fish Rules App for all Bahamian fisheries regulations.

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Nassau Grouper Closed Season


Reminder to all December 1st to February 28th is the Nassau Grouper Closed Season. The capture, purchase and sale of
Nassau grouper is prohibited during this time.

Let’s give them some time and privacy to make more Nassau Groupers. In the meantime, try out other tasty alternative dish options like Lionfish!

For more info on fisheries regulations in The Bahamas download the FishRules App.

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Scholarship Opportunity; Apply for the Bahamian Environmental Steward Scholarship (BESS) Programme today!

The BESS programme is for motivated graduating high school students between the ages of 15-18 who are interested in learning more about the environment, conservation and sustainable systems as they transition from high school to university studies. Since its inception 50 BESS Scholars from schools throughout the country have participated.

Applications will be accepted December 1 st – February 15th.

Download the Application;

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