What are our 2016-17 BES Scholars up to?


Nina Sanchez, from Lucaya International School and Donovan Hepburn from Wesley College recently completed their internships as part of the BESS programme. Nina interned at BREEF and Donovan with Friends of the Environment in Abaco. The next part of their journey is a semester at the Cape Eleuthera Island School where they will learn from and within their environment, while being exposed to different cultures and on-going research projects. Their semesters starts at the end of this month.

Nina Sanchez maintains the coral nursery at the BREEF Sir Nicholas Nuttall Coral Reef Sculpture Graden.


Donovan Hepburn assists Friends of the Environment with a coastal clean up at Coconut Tree Bay in Murphy Town, Abaco.


Jesse Sweeting completed his semester at the Island School in December and is now at BREEF to complete his four-month internship. While at the Island School, Jesse was a member of the shark research team and participated in a number of research trips that involved tagging and collecting samples from these important fish that are fully protected in The Bahamas.

Jesse tagging a Nurse shark with scientists at the Cape Eleuthera Island School.


For more information on the BESS program and how you can apply, click the link below:

Bahamas Environmental Steward Scholars Programme