Until Next Year! – BREEF Summer Sea Camp, San Salvador 2016 comes to an end.

Aug 2, 2016

From mapping sea level rise to racing to pack an emergency backpack, the Sea Campers of San Salvador had an extraordinary week learning about the connections between our oceans and storms as well as how Bahamians can be better prepared for storms.
Mr. Trevor Basden from the Department of Meteorology even flew from the capital to give Sea Campers an elaborate presentation on hurricanes, how they are created and their effects on our islands along with a few fun weather facts.
Circumnavigating the island of San Salvador, Sea Campers discovered the amazing coral reefs that surround San Salvador that act as protection from big waves that may bombard the island as well as the intricate root system of the mangroves of Pigeon Creek and how it prevents flooding as a buffer from storm surge.
What we thought would turn out to be a great beach celebration in the sun as our final day finale, turned out to be an adventurous wet ride through a passing rain storm. Even though swimming was cancelled, Sea Campers found the fun in the wet bumpy ride while huddling together, laughing at our luck all the way home. I guess they don’t call us Storm Watchers for nothing!
However, it is without a doubt that each Sea Camper had a splashing-good time this week and will never forget the lessons given and friendships made this summer.
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