Teacher Education

Our teacher training programmes aim to equip educators with knowledge, skills and resources to effectively deliver instruction in curriculum topics related to the marine environment. Teachers are also purveyors of important stewardship messages to successive generations of Bahamians.

Since the 1990’s, BREEF’s summer workshop has become the flagship teacher training course for marine conservation in the country.  We have further diversified our teacher education offerings with seminars, half day, one and three-day workshops. Participants are also provided with a variety of multimedia educational resources.

To date, BREEF has brought over 650 K-12 teachers together for minds-on, hands-on and fins-on experiences to learn about conservation of the Bahamian marine environment that sustains our way of life.

Long-term Objectives:

  • To promote environmental education in Bahamian schools tailored to the local marine environment.
  • To foster better stewardship of our marine environment, starting with teachers in schools, and ultimately reaching children, parents and communities.


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