Sun, Sand and San Salvador Sea Camp 2016!

Jul 27, 2016

Clammering off the trucks and into The Gerace Research Centre’s conference room, the children of San Salvador were super excited for the first day of BREEF’s Summer Sea Camp 2016.
A room full of gleaming, eager faces both familiar and new, Campers were introduced to this year’s theme, Storm Watchers: a look into how storms are created, how climate change and our oceans affect storms and how to be prepared in the event a storm is on the way. Relevant to the recent devastation to San Salvador from hurricane Joaquin, Sea Camp 2016 seeks to instill the knowledge of adapting to living in coastal areas in light of climate change and sea level rise as well as a love for our marine ecosystems as they play an important, long-term role in storm protection.
At the end of the day, the most anticipated few hours of camp could not come any sooner for the children. After a brief snorkel safety demonstration, campers were suited up and skipped across the street to hit the water. It takes a bit of getting used to for our new snorkelers, but by the end of the week our ‘doggy paddlers’ will soon be super snorkelers! Stay tuned for more updates.