Spring Field Trip Block and School Road Show Ends

BREEF wrapped up its Spring Field Trip Block and School Road Show just in time for the end of the 2017 school year and the beginning of summer. From March 20th – May 19th, BREEF helped teachers enhance their students’ learning experience with engaging coastal field trips and interactive classroom/assembly presentations, reaching over 500 students in New Providence.

10th-grade students from Bahamas Academy use a quadrat to identify organisms on a Rocky Shore.

Students learned about and visited mellow mangroves, riveting rocky shores, colorful coral reefs and beautiful sandy beaches.  Some organisms observed on field trips this block include, Sea urchins, Sea stars, Queen conch, Barracudas, Coral, Angelfish, Batfish and much more. BREEF educators highlighted key conservation topics such as the importance of protecting conch for future generations.

3rd-grade students from Summit Academy hold a male Queen conch outside its shell.

11th-grade students from C.V.Bethel Senior High School.