During 2015-16, thanks to support from the Pew Charitable Trust and Moore Charitable Foundation, children in schools across the country will join ‘Shark Stanley’ and his fishy friends on their quest to defend our seas. The captivating children’s story book by Shark Defenders introduces young readers to a colorful cast of characters with a very important message,”Healthy Reefs need Sharks”.

Download “The Adventures of Shark Stanley & Friends” or the entire ‘Shark Campaign in a Box“.

In 2011, The Bahamas became the second country in the region to take action to protect its shark populations from the decimation witnessed worldwide by the shark finning trade. Read more  . . . Bahamas Acts to Protect Sharks

BREEF continues to promote shark conservation and the Bahamian Shark Sanctuary through a series of initiatives including youth education, public awareness and key stakeholder consultation.