The Bahamas recognized early on, the need to protect and preserve our important natural resources. In 1892 our  first protected area, The Sea Gardens, was created off the northeastern coast of New Providence, paving the way for today’s MPA system.

The 176 square mile Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park was established in 1958 and was designated as a no-take zone in 1986. It is the first protected area to include both terrestrial and marine environments in the western hemisphere. By 2013, seventeen MPAs had been established in The Bahamas, and in 2015 an additional eighteen MPAs were added to the MPA network. Local conservation agencies and government authorities are actively working together to protect additional areas in order to meet The Bahamas’ conservation goals.

To find out more information about Marine Protected Areas click the link below to read BREEFs MPA guide booklet.

Marine Protected Areas of The Bahamas

You can also download and print BREEFs MPA wall poster by clicking the link below,

Every Mans Guide To Protected Areas

MPAs are an important management tool for ensuring a healthy environment and its continued benefits to local communities. Support marine conservation in The Bahamas by, Learning about your environment, Participating in MPA establishment, Supporting sustainable fisheries and becoming a member of a local conservation organization like BREEF.