BREEF is a non-governmental nonprofit Bahamian foundation concerned with educating our people about the value of and need for conserving our marine environment.


A Bahamas where all people appreciate the value of our seas and take action to ensure a healthy marine environment.

BREEF promotes the conservation of the Bahamian marine environment that sustains our way of life.

Leadership in marine conservation
We utilize a proactive, solutions-based approach to address marine conservation challenges while acknowledging their complex environmental, cultural and economic inter-relationships.

Conservation through Education
Through quality, experiential education and outreach programmes, we foster environmental stewardship.

Integrity and Accountability
We rely on sound scientific information to educate communities and guide decision-making.

We are accountable to our mission, members, donors, partners and the public.

Inclusive & Collaborative
We collaborate with local and international partners in conservation.  We value the input and encourage participation of all community members.

With passion and optimism, we honour the vision of our founder and work to ensure the right of our children’s children to enjoy and benefit from our marine environment.


BREEF is governed by a six-person, volunteer Board of Directors and run by a full-time staff with the support of interns and volunteers.

We are supported by members and donors throughout The Bahamas and around the world. Financial contributions from fundraising events are essential to fulfill our mission.  We also receive grants from foundations to support our work in marine conservation. BREEF is a registered Bahamian charitable organization. Please contact us for information on making 501(c)3 tax deductible donations.


BREEF works closely with government agencies such as Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources, Ministry of Education, Science & Technology, Ministry of Tourism and with non-government organizations such as The Bahamas National Trust, The Nature Conservancy, Friends of The Environment, The Cape Eleuthera Island School and One Eleuthera Foundation.  We also collaborate with various international partners in pursuit of our shared visions.

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