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News & Updates From BREEF

Islands In The Stream Thank You

Thank you so much to everyone who came together in the spirit of ensuring sustainable marine conservation for The Bahamas - guests, donors, volunteers and committee members together we made Islands in the Stream BREEF Celebration 2017 a success!!...

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Crawfish Season is CLOSED!

Crawfish season is now CLOSED! The closed season runs from April 1 - July 31. During this season, crawfish are busy reproducing and bringing more crawfish into the world. Give them some time to make their babies so there are more of them for our babies. Show your...

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Conch for the Future

Conch are becoming harder to find, both in the ocean and at our local restaurants. This is a warning sign for us to take action now before  this precious resource is gone. The Bahamas has a special opportunity to learn from other places that have already lost their...

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What are our 2016-17 BES Scholars up to?

  Nina Sanchez, from Lucaya International School and Donovan Hepburn from Wesley College recently completed their internships as part of the BESS programme. Nina interned at BREEF and Donovan with Friends of the Environment in Abaco. The next part of their...

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