As our fragile marine ecosystems face varied threats that impact our food supply, livelihoods, culture, and well-being, we are all compelled to take action. The knowledge gained through sound scientific research is critical to inform decisions that will impact the quality of life for everyone who calls The Bahamas home.

BREEF engages in marine-based research, including collaboration with local and international scientists and partner organizations.

Led by BREEF

Field Studies  

  • Crawfish recruitment study at Bonefish Pond National Park, New Providence
  • Nassau Grouper Spawning Aggregation Study, Bimini
  • Conch Midden Studies, San Salvador & New Providence
  • Bahamas Marine Reserves Network Study – Survey of 35 proposed sites

Literature Review 

  • Fisheries Management Action Plan for The Bahamas – Report to the Department of Fisheries
  • Nassau Grouper & Queen Conch in The Bahamas, Status & Management Options

In collaboration with partners

  • MTIASIC Lionfish survey & removal, Dept. of Marine Resources
  • My Science, My Conch – A Citizen Science Project, Community Conch
  • AGRRA Coral Reef Surveys, The Nature Conservancy
  • Sea Turtle Tagging Research, BNT & Stephen Connett