Marine Conservation Teacher Training Workshop

In July 2017, 25 teachers from around The Bahamas joined the ranks of over 450 other educators who have participated in BREEF’s annual summer Marine Conservation Teacher Training Workshop over the past 19 years

Through hands-on immersion in the environment, these bold educators learned special skills to inspire the next generation of environmental stewards

From day one, teachers were in the water exploring – some more adventurous than others.

The BREEF workshop is all about using the ocean to inspire learning and conservation

For many of the teachers, this was their first time swimming.

“Absolutely not, I don’t know how to swim, but the good thing about this program is that not being able to swim is not a deterrent”, says Betty Christie, Vice Principal at C.C. Sweeting Sr. High

Teachers visited a variety of marine environments around San Salvador, including the new marine protected areas of Pigeon Creek and Snow Bay National Park

Educators learned about marine threats including ocean plastic pollution, habitat destruction, invasive species, overfishing and climate change

They learned about conch conservation at Graham’s Harbour

And explored a shallow coral reef at Rocky Point

By the end of the workshop, all of the teachers were comfortable snorkeling the near shore waters. They were excited to share their experiences with their students and fellow teachers

BREEF is grateful for the generous support of individuals, organisations and corporate sponsors who share our vision for a Bahamas where all people appreciate the value of our seas and take action to ensure a healthy marine environment, and help strengthen our education system by investing in our nation’s teachers.

Please watch this space for the 2017 BREEF Marine Conservation Teacher Training Workshop video. Until then, enjoy some slideshows and videos from our previous workshops.