It’s Officially Open Season for the Nassau Grouper

Let’s be responsible fishers and consumers.
Here are some of the fisheries regulations that are in place to protect this iconic species:
  • Grouper and rockfish must weigh at least 3 lbs (approximately 17 inches in length) before being harvested.
  • The use of SCUBA gear is prohibited while spearfishing.
  • The use of fish traps without a self-destruct panel or less than minimum mesh size is prohibited.
  • Spearfishing within one mile of New Providence or the southern coast of Grand Bahama and 200 yards of a family island is prohibited.
  • Respect the boundaries of marine protected areas that serve as replenishment zones.
The annual Nassau grouper closed season was made into law in 2015, but enforcement remains a challenge.
Click here to read more about a loophole that needs to be addressed. There should be no sale of Nassau grouper during the closed season.
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Here is a BREEF Look at why protecting the spawning aggregations is so important.