With 95% of our territory underwater, and our highest point reaching only 206 feet above sea level, the Bahamas and our fragile ecosystem are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. 

BREEF is pleased to announce that we will be offering free access to AimHi Earth’s empowering, solutions-focused course, ‘Climate, Nature, and how to make a difference’. We are delighted to continue to focus on education as the key to action and conservation and to be able to offer this to Bahamian schools that are learning online this term.

Backed by the likes of the UNEP, the University of Cambridge and Dr Jane Goodall, this course brings together the expertise of top-level scientists and educators and incorporates a deep understanding of behavioural psychology, accessible and relatable narratives and a clear focus on solutions and what can (and must) be done.

Sign up for the 4-part course, streaming live and online at 2pm EST on Mondays starting 20th September:  http://aimhi.earth/climate-course
Use promo code BREEF at checkout for a free ticket!