BREEF Talks Marine Conservation with Jr. RBDF Officers During Staff Professional Development

BREEF was invited to host a session on Marine Conservation with a group of Jr. Royal Bahamas Defence Force Officers (RBDF) during their staff professional development. Officers participated in an engaging session where they made new discoveries about the Bahamian marine ecosystems and the organisms that call them home. BREEF also used the opportunity to re-enforce key fisheries regulations as it relates to economically significant species. “It is important for organizations like BREEF to collaborate with law enforcement who are directly involved with border protection and the preservation of some of our natural resources”– stated Chantal Curtis, BREEF’s Environmental Educator. BREEF was pleased to collaborate with RBDF on their shared mission, to protect our marine heritage, through presentations such as these and through working with the Defence Force Rangers.

BREEF promotes conservation through education and awareness and is happy to engage local businesses and organizations who would like to educate their staff about the marine environment.

For more information about booking a presentation contact us at 327-9000 or email us at [email protected]

Chantal Curtis, Jesse Sweeting (BREEF intern) and RBDF Jr. Officers.